Online Audiobooks

Please select a title below to begin listening to the audiobooks online. We recommend starting with Love’s Last Call and moving on to the next two when completed.

Love’s Last Call

The Messages of the Three Angels

God’s love is capable of anything, including warning us of coming danger. This 10-minute audiobook will open your eyes to God’s amazing love and urgent appeal to every person on earth.

On the Edge of Time

You don’t need to be an economist, political analyst, or scientist to see that the world is in turmoil. This short nine-chapter booklet covers all you need to know to

survive the coming events.

The Great Controversy

This remarkable book reveals the details of the war between truth and error. It unveils the schemes used by the great deceiver throughout the ages and provides us with the tools to live a victorious life.

The Desire of Ages

The beautiful story of Jesus and His love for mankind.